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UC students share their love for netflix

Amanda Fanelli, staff writer

Netflix is an American multinational provider of on-demand Internet streaming media. It has gained popularity over the past few years with series such as Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards and most recently, Making a Murderer. Netflix also offers cable television series and movies along with Netflix’s own series. Netflix is unique in that it releases all episodes of a series at once. This allows viewers to “binge watch” an entire series at their convenience.

Netflix series received nine nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes and eight nominations for the 2016 SAG Awards. This recognition gives legitimacy to the quality of shows that Netflix is producing.

Many college students have jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. It’s convenient for them because they have the ability to watch shows whenever and wherever they want. The ability to stream Netflix from televisions, smartphones or computers makes it an easy choice for college students.

Alexandra DeMarco, a biology major in her freshman year, stated that she watches Netflix at least once a day. Criminal Minds is one of her favorite shows because she enjoys the crime solving aspect.

“Unless my boyfriend and I are watching, in that case we watch American Dad,” DeMarco said.

However, DeMarco doesn’t allow Netflix to take her away from her homework entirely.

“I don’t feel as though I watch too much Netflix. I try to get all my work done before I watch it, or set a time to get my work done after an episode,” DeMarco said.

She tries not to binge watch on Netflix. However, she stated she’s looking forward to Fuller House, admitting that she plans to binge watch.

Marissa Hajec, a sophomore and health studies major with a physical therapy track, said that she tries to watch at least one Netflix episode before she goes to bed, usually five or six times per week. Hajec’s favorite Netflix shows include Weeds, Breaking Bad and The Vampire Diaries. Hajec said she notices herself watching a lot of Netflix during school breaks.

“I am too busy to binge watch during the school semesters because of homework, studying, work, etc,” Hajec said. “I am very good with managing my time.”

She stated that she prefers to binge watch Netflix series and watch multiple episodes at a time rather than spread them out.

Hajec is currently watching The Vampire Diaries.

“I have two episodes left of the sixth season, which is the last season offered on Netflix. I enjoy it because there is a lot of suspension and action, which makes me wonder what is going to happen next,” Hajec said. “There are also romance scenes, which I also enjoy.”

Hajec said she is looking forward to watching Fuller House as well.

Kaprice Martinelli, a sophomore health studies management major, tends to watch Netflix for a few hours at night. Her favorite series include One Tree Hill, The Office and Grey’s Anatomy.

“I am watching Gossip Girl and I love it,” Martinelli said. “I have, in the past, gotten really sucked into the series I watched on Netflix. At those points I probably did put off homework to watch Netflix when I shouldn’t have.”

Martinelli also said that she binge watches to an extent, depending on the series. As far as new series, she said that she is looking forward to watching Fuller House the most.


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