Is Blaze Pizza a New hot spot for UC Students?


Photo by Grace Barattini.

Grace Barattini, Staff Writer

It’s common knowledge that one of the things New York is famous for is pizza. Chicago’s deep dish pizza does not compare to New York’s thin crust, in my opinion and yes, I’ve actually tried it. 

Of course, there are the pizza chain stores like Little Caesar’s, Dominos and Pizza Hut, but they rarely come close to tasting as pristine as a “mom and pop” pizzeria with their homemade recipes, similar to O’Scugnizzo in Downtown Utica.  

Whether you enjoy your pizza from a chain or from a family owned pizzeria, there are plenty of options to make your pizza exactly how you want it. 

  If you’re a “plain Jane” like myself, cheese pizza will satisfy any pizza craving. Yet, if you are more on the creative side and like to add multiple toppings, pizzerias have the flexibility to do so. 

  However you prefer your Pizza, Blaze Pizza in New Hartford is worth the visit. The new pizza restaurant is very convenient for UC students, with the location in the Consumer Square complex on Commercial Drive, not too far from campus.    

  Blaze Pizza opened last month, and on opening day, it attracted customers willing to line up all the way down the sidewalk and offered free pizza to those who downloaded their app.

  Opening day was intense with customers waiting for almost an hour and a half for free pizza. Hundreds of customers got to experience the hype of the new restaurant and, of course, a free pizza any way they desired. 

Now that the hype has subsided and it’s been over a week since the initial opening, Blaze Pizza is still very popular. 

  I decided to grab dinner there before one of my evening classes. I waited about five to ten minutes for my pizza, which is not a bad wait time compared to the time I waited on opening day, which was over an hour.

  About 20 minutes after receiving my pizza, the restaurant was full and the line was out the door. Families, college students and business partners were all looking forward to getting their hands on some pizza. 

  The staff was great. Even when it was busy, they remained happy, upbeat and ready to work. Right at the beginning of the line, I was greeted with a friendly smile and the employee answered all the questions that I asked. 

  At the end, when checking out, I was shocked to see how relatively cheap it was.  I got a personal pizza cut into eight slices, and it only cost around $5 with a drink. 

  Blaze Pizza also offers environmentally friendly attributes. They do not offer straws, unless requested by the customer and their cups have innovative lids that match. Surprisingly, these lids make it easier to drink out of the cup. 

  I certainly appreciate places that are environmentally friendly and conscientious, and their willingness to also provide straws for those who need them or want them. 

  Aside from appreciating the service and their alternative offers of certain products, the pizza was only subpar. It certainly is not comparable to homemade pizza from a family-owned, local pizzeria. 

However, it was inexpensive, warm, tasty and substantial. I had to put my leftovers in a box to take home for another time. Even reheated the next day, the pizza was still pretty good. 

I would recommend going to Blaze Pizza to anyone looking to satisfy hunger quickly, and for anyone who values great customer service. They have plenty of options for people with diet restrictions, picky eaters and foodies. Just make sure you time it right.