International Students Day

Omar Renta

Staff Writer

America’s reputation as the melting pot of the world was apparent at International Students day in the Strebel Student Center Tuesday.

A display of 45 flags from countries around the world was displayed in the lounge at Strebel Student Center. From Finland to Bangladesh, these flags represent our international student body and the strides UC has made toward achieving cultural diversity on campus.

International Students day honors students who have come to attend UC from different countries around the worldfortheircontribution to campus diversity. Along with a playing of the countries national anthem, the student’s flags were shown to the campus community and added tothewallofflagsifitisnot already on it.

Senior Jabarie Broomes flaunted the Barbados flag of three equal vertical panels that is a vibrant royal blue and gold with a broken trident in black with pride and poise. International students day was a cultural celebration that allowed students to get a first hand glimpse of traditions and everyday lives of people abroad.

“This day is one of the main celebrations that International students have,” senior and Student Senate President Amarildo Ceka said. “We all gather together to share cultures, common foods and traditions.”

International Students Day conveyed a message that the UC community needed to hear as our country is at the height of racial and cultural tension. The event celebrated different cultural customs that people from Central New York would not be exposed to otherwise, which serves as a well rounded campus atmosphere, proving that there are benefits to having international ties to campus.

“It is important that events like this take place because people can gain knowledge of different people from different cultures,” junior Amina Ngardingabe said. “It allows students to see more than what they see in textbooks or on television. They see it for themselves.”

Some students wore traditional garments from their homeland and were ready to answer questions about their countries. Other students had photos and brochures filled with in- depth information about their country’s history as well as traditions they partake in to keep close ties with their culture while away from home.

The international student body has grown rapidly in recent years and members of

the UC community have been working tirelessly to assure that the trend continues. “We have such a vibrant community here on campus and we want it to grow,” Dean of Diversity Alane Varga said.

Whether they crossed state or international borders, events like International Students Day helps students who are far from home connect with their international peers while learning about global culture that help shape them into well rounded individuals.

“Today is the day we gather to promote all of our differences,” Ceka said.

A tasteful and fun feature of International Students Day was the display of various foods from countries ranging from Brazil to Korea. Whether it was Mafe, a savory West AfricanPeanutSteworLomo Saltado, a Peruvian stir-fry that contained marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes, pepper and fried potatoes, the food was placed in a fashion that allowed attendees to take their taste buds on an international excursion, no passport needed. Desserts like Dulce De Leche from Mexico satisfied attendee’s sweet teeth while teaching them how the delicacy is prepared. No matter ones origin, food is something that brings people together. Featuring global delicacies at International Students Day was the icing on the cake to a great event.