BSU Alumni Panel Event

BSU Alumni Panel Event

Amajla Tricic, News Editor

Alumni of the Black Student Union (BSU) will return to campus on Wednesday, April 24, to partake in a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion. The event was initially announced in late February by President Laura Casamento as part of a larger message recapping the steps that have been taken to improve diversity and race relations at Utica College.

The panel discussion, called “The Black Student Experience at Utica College: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going,” will be held from 3-4:30 p.m. on April 24 in McFarlane Auditorium and is open to anyone who wants to attend.

Casamento stated in her February memo that racism and prejudice have “become a more dominant part of our conversation as a nation” She added that Utica College has seen incidents of racism that have been hurtful but have provided more opportunity for dialogue, careful listening and reflection.

Community conversations have allowed for students and faculty to discuss issues impacting the college, and Casamento said that the school will be taking additional steps to add more diversity and inclusiveness.

Those featured on the panel will be Janice Miles, Ci Ci Holloway, Oliver Perry and Ronald Spratling. Holloway, who will moderate the discussion, has worked for large companies such as Paramount Pictures, Viacom, UBS Bank and Lincoln Financial Services.

As UC looks to celebrate BSU’s 50th anniversary, the hope for the event is that participants will be inspired by the rich contributions the organization has made.

Kim Landon, class and affinity reunion coordinator, said the event is an opportunity to continue the ongoing conversation regarding black students’ experiences at Utica College.

“We invited the panelists because they can bring a historical perspective on where we come from and can help us think about where we are going,” she said.

The panel discussion is open, but representatives from student organizations will be invited to have dinner and ask follow-up conversations with the panelists.