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Sports Bloopers and Mistakes

Alyssa Raga,Staff Writer

When you think of sports, you usually think of the moments that your team was victorious. You think of your favorite football team holding up the Lombardi Trophy after winning the Super Bowl. You think of banners being raised in stadiums that have the words “World Champions” written on them. However, not every moment in sports can be that glorious.

Sports bloopers or mistakes happen in almost every game. Sometimes it is a wide receiver dropping a game winning touchdown in a football game. Sometimes it is a player falling down at a pivotal time in the game that becomes a viral internet video.

Utica College students have plenty of memories of sports bloopers and mistakes.

Kristyna Fischer, a freshman, will never forget a professional tennis controversy.

“Serena Williams having a meltdown on the court was pretty memorable for me,” Fischer said.

“That also wasn’t the first time that she has had a fit on the court during her career.”

Fischer thinks that the changes and updates to technology would help shed light on what really happened that day and if Serena Williams was in the wrong or not.

“They now have hawk-eye cameras that show every angle of the court and they can see really small details,” Fischer said.

“It would help to see what really happened and if she actually did anything wrong or not.”

Fischer is fascinated by how captivating this sports mistake was to the world and how it was talked about almost everywhere.

“I think it’s interesting how many different stories have come out of just this one event,” Fischer said.

“We even talked about it in one of my classes.”

Freshman Connor Yingling’s favorite sports blooper is one that makes him laugh.

“The best blooper in sports is Mark Sanchez’s ‘butt fumble’ for the Jets,” Yingling said.

Yingling loves that this moment is not something that you see every day in the NFL.

“It gives football an even more entertaining atmosphere,” Yingling said.

“It’s something that always makes me laugh when I watch it on replay.”

While the play did not affect his favorite team, which is the San Francisco 49ers, the play did affect the game that it happened in.

“The Patriots recovered the ball for a touchdown which was pretty crazy,” Yingling said.

Casie Farrell, a senior, remembers a sports mistake that ended in a bitter loss.

“The Sabres started off their game really strong and then one of their players got a game misconduct penalty called on them,” Farrell said.

“It caused a snowball effect of mistakes.”

Farrell was very disappointed with this and how it affected the way the team ended up playing.

“They were actually playing really well for once,” Farrell said.

This one mistake completely changed the outcome of the game.

“They started making more small mistakes, which led to them losing the game,” Farrell said.

“After that misconduct penalty they gave up a lot of goals.”

Senior Tom Crowley will never forget a mistake made by his favorite team.

“New York Giants punter Matt Dodge punted right to DeSean Jackson and he returned it for a touchdown,” Crowley said.

Being there in person for the mistake only made it worse for Crowley.

“I was actually at that game,” Crowley said.

“I knew that the punter should have punted it out of bounds.”

This one mistake ended up being costly for the Giants.

“The Giants lost the game,” Crowley said.

“It was a rough game to leave.”


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