Op-Ed: What’s hot and what’s cold this winter


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Kaitlyn Phillps, Staff Writer

If you keep pulling out the same sweater, jeans and Bean Boot combination this article is for you! When tackling the cold weather, it is very hard to not look like a marshmallow walking across campus while facing whatever the forecast blows your way.

From blanket scarves to Faux Fur jackets, it is all about staying warm in Upstate New York. Some crowd pleaser outfits to look out for this winter are: destroyed denim jeans, a balloon sleeve sweater, a blanket scarf and combat boots, which can all be found at your local American Eagle Outfitters.

If it is a lazy cold day pairing together leggings, a soft button down flannel and moccasins can pass the cozy fashionista radar, and all items can be purchased at your local Target.

Looking for the perfect winter jacket for a good price can be difficult, but here is some advice when trying to find the perfect fit: look for quality.

Make sure to read every label to ensure you are getting your money’s worth, and get a coat that can withstand a lot of layering.

In the winter you will most likely be wearing sweaters and scarves, so you are going to want to fit everything in your jacket comfortably. Make sure there are a lot of pockets to put all of your belongings in, such as mittens, hat and scarf when getting indoors. Last but not least, try to prioritize the quality and warmth of the jacket rather than the way it looks.

This year Bean boots are getting the boot!

Due to popular opinion of bean boots not being the most comfortable and warm, other well-known brand boots have come into the spotlight. Sorel Caribou boots are insulated with warm fleece to keep your feet warm during the cold snowy days and can be found at Macy’s.

Ugg Australia Adirondack boots, which are also insulated with fleece and fur are very stylish and hold up through the wet and snowy days. They can be found online or at your local Journey’s store.  

So, what are other students’ takes on staying warm, fashionable or both this winter?

Junior Renee Lewis is not really a fan of the colder days but is excited for winter accessories.

“I’m looking forward to wearing different hats and gloves,” Lewis said. “I keep buying more and more because I just haven’t had a chance to wear them yet.”

Even though she has lived in New York all her life, she still has a hard time adjusting to the cold.

“I try to wear lots of layers to keep warm or wrap myself up with something warm like a blanket scarf,” Lewis said. “I usually shop at stores like Macy’s, American eagle or Target,” Lewis said.

Junior Courtney Dudzinski shares how she keeps up-to-date on fashion’s trends when it is cold out.

“Boots, scarves and sweaters are always really popular when it starts to get cold out, so I just stick to the trend while staying warm,” Dudzinski said.

Dudzinski talks about how American Eagle is also one of her favorite stores that always has the fashion items she gravitates towards.
“To stay warm scarves are a must,” she said. “Infiniti scares have to be my favorite. To get all the latest trends at good prices I usually shop at Forever 21, TJ Maxx or American Eagle.”

Dudzinski shops locally at the Sangertown Mall in New Hartford to get all she needs to stay warm and fashionable for the winter.  

Junior Melanie MacDonald tackles the colder days dressing very warm and comfortable.

“When it gets really cold I like to wear a lot of sweaters and really warm jackets,” MacDonald said.

“If I’m home trying to stay warm and comfortable I like to wrap up in a warm blanket,” MacDonald said. “I usually catch up on trends and buy my clothes at American Eagle or Forever 21.”