Where is your study spot?


Nick McAdam, Staff Writer

Finding a study spot can be a rather difficult thing to accomplish for the average student. Utica College provides a variety of available spots to study or do homework.

A commonplace for studying seems to be within the library. Senior Thomas Carrigan enjoys the quiet environment that the UC library provides.  

“I prefer to study here because there’s no distractions and it’s a good learning environment,” Carrigan said.

The possibility of creating or finding a new homework location attracts some. For others, the first spot will be the last spot. The library will be a mainstay for Carrigan for the time being.

“I’ll probably keep studying here unless the college decided to create a new study area for students,” Carrigan noted.

UC students like Senior Joseph Contreras have a very diverse selection of study spots to choose from. Any place that Contreras can find peace and quiet is where fellow students can find him studying.

“Lately, I’ve been studying outside the library because the weather has been relatively nice,” he said. “I also try to study in my dorm because I associate the room with relaxation which is what I want to feel when I study.”

Contreras added, “I feel as if there’s not enough places to study on campus. I’ve always thought that the school could add on to certain study areas on the campus.”

Noise in certain areas propels some to go discover some rather unusual and specific spots. Freshmen Lindsey Rasmussen and Audra Williams get away from the disruptions when it’s time to hit the books.

“There’s this specific corner on the second floor of the library that I usually go to,” Rasmussen said.

“I actually prefer to study in the basement area of North Hall,” Williams said.  “There’s this lounge that’s near the laundry room that is usually always quiet.”     

If the library gets too busy, Rasmussen goes with an alternate plan.

“The library can be a zoo at certain points throughout the day,” she said. “Sometimes I try the cafe near the library, but sometimes I get caught up with people in there and forget that I even have to study.”

As opposed to Contreras, both of the first-year students feel as if the campus provides a good amount of study areas to UC students.

“Everyone is different,” Williams said. “It really just depends on the person and their willingness to change spots or figure out if that certain spot is right for them.”

The presence of other people tend to be a factor in deciding where to study. This is the case for freshman Nikki O’Hara who chooses to study in her dorm room.

“I prefer to study in my room on most occasions,” O’Hara said. “There’s usually no distractions in there for me. I’ve tried the library a couple of times with friends, but it usually can get pretty distracting and noisy for me to study.”

Roommates can provide a form of distraction, or a solid study buddy. O’Hara feels her roommate isn’t a problem at all.

“My roommate never really makes noise when I try to study,” she said. “I always have the option of putting my earbuds in or studying at a different time. I could be open to change, but I do prefer my room.”