Shhh. Silent disco in progress.

Shhh. Silent disco in progress.

UCPB holds silent dance party in Strebel

Joseph Parillo, Staff Writer

From Jan. 23 to 27, UCPB held Snow Daze 2017, a weeklong event offering a different activity every night. Snow Daze 2017 finished off with a 4-hour silent disco dance night.

The silent disco was a new idea that had a lot of students intrigued. The students who attended got to experience something new on campus. Strebel Lounge was transformed into a club for the night. Students put on headphones in order to hear and dance to the music. Everyone had two different music stations to choose from. One was a playlist made by the members of UCPB. The other station was created by famous Syracuse DJ, DJ Maestro, the DJ for the whole event. Both stations had a wide range of music to dance to. Those in attendance enjoyed all different styles of music as people kept dancing throughout the entire event. The music was also accompanied by an enjoyable selection of food.

Students could be seen just relaxing and listening to music. Others broke out their dancing shoes and danced the night away. One of the great parts of the silent disco was if you wanted to talk to your friends while on the floor, all you had to do was take off the headphones. No screaming was necessary. It provided a club feel, just with less noise.

DJ Maestro was center stage helping the night along. DJ Maestro is the official DJ for Syracuse University sports teams. He has worked with the major recording label, WEA (Warner, Elektra and Atlantic). He has also opened up for many acts, such as Ja Rule, Jay Sean, Iyaz and many others. DJ Maestro has also been a DJ on many Syracuse radio stations.

Both the DJ and students came together to put on an enjoyable night. DJ Maestro even took requests from those in attendance. He was able to easily mix the songs together in no time in order to make the night that much more fun.

“Everyone in attendance had fun,” said Ohmidah Munaf, a member of UCPB. “The event went as planned.”

Members of UCPB said that they were satisfied with how the event went and hope to host another silent disco next year. They hope that if they host another one, they can make it an even bigger event and receive a much bigger participation.

“Everyone was enjoying the night,” said Hawa Sanogo a member of UCPB. “It was a new experience that added to everyone’s enjoyment.”