Robbie Slivinski, Staff Writer

The Board of Trustees have selected Laura Casamento as the next president of Utica College. On Sept. 23, she was inaugurated as the college’s ninth and first female president.

During her inauguration, classes were cancelled in order for students to attend. While the plan sounded fine in theory, the time that would have been spent in class wasn’t always utilized as intended.

“I feel relieved because I spent 12 hours at school yesterday on my only day off from work and night classes,” senior Jaimee Tran said. “I will not be attending the inauguration, but now have room to nap before a 10 hour shift.”

A school day can consist of a lot and with the inauguration being held on a Friday, students did not seem at all interested in the event.

Weekends tend to be days to relax from a long week of school or the beginning to a three day, part- time job outside of school. Students who may have wanted to attend simply could not.

“I was aware of the inauguration because no matter where you were, it was all over school and the professors were talking about it in class. Also, if you are a commuter, you still knew because of the emails you got about it kept you in the loop,” senior Ryan Lupia said. “Classes being cancelled, I felt shouldn’t happen, even though a lot of students liked it and none of mine were cancelled. I still pay money to go to school to learn, so I think they could have had it on the weekend or planned around it better. Still, I am very excited about the new president and hope she enjoys every second of it.”

Some suggested having Casemento’s inauguration on the weekend would have been a better alternative.

“I don’t think it would hurt to have had the inauguration on the weekend or some other time instead of cancelling classes,” Administrative Assistant Dawn Santiago said. “I had to cover for someone in the office, so I could not attend myself.”

There was controversy about whether or not classes should have been cancelled. For some it was a great break from school, but for others it was taking away from their tuition and education. At the end, every class counts.