Freshness at its core: Corelife Eatery location opens in New Hartford


Becky Vennero, Staff Writer

CoreLife Eatery opens its doors Thursday, Sept. 22 in New Hartford. The new establishment held a “College Night,” Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The only requirement was an empty stomach and a college ID.

It was announced in January of 2016 that Core was moving in to the New Hartford area within the Toys- R-Us plaza. This caused buzz within the community, building anticipation for the health-conscious eatery.

Francesca Zumpano, senior, believes Core will be set apart from other eateries because of “the fact that they are GMO free, they do not use artificial flavors, and are a healthy option.”

According to Core’s website, they strive to bring healthy, clean, great tasting foods to everyone every day. “We feature hearty bowls that are complete meals in themselves featuring greens, grains and bone broths.”

“I am so excited to try this place because I know I will be able to still eat healthy the way I like, but also have great tasting food,” said Lindsay Roberts, senior, while waiting in line at “College Night.”

Joe Massoud, senior, attended Core’s “College Night” to, “see for myself if the organic, vegetable based menu will be satisfying for your everyday young male on both budget and portions satisfactory.”

Students from Utica College, as well as SUNY Poly, MVCC and Hamilton, attended the soft opening Tuesday evening. The steadily moving line extended into the parking lot. Each student received one item off the menu and a house-made drink of choice.

Zumpano was impressed and pleased with the service, facility and quality of food. “I ordered a broth bowl and it was fantastic. The menu has a wide variety of healthy options for anyone.”

“The soft opening for students was a great idea, because we can see the great options Core has to offer and the relaxed atmosphere they have created.” Roberts stated after enjoying the Southwest grilled chicken and wild rice blend. “This is a place I will often be choosing when deciding where to eat.”

“Core is a good addition to the New Hartford eateries mainly because of their macro-friendly and nutrient based menu,” said Massoud. “There are far too many fast food establishments in New Hartford that are conducive to obesity and the ongoing weight problem in this particular area.”

“Most restaurants don’t really focus much on health and calories, but more on taste. For this reason, I find myself trying not to eat out at restaurants as much,” said Roberts. “It’s just what we need around here.”

Many students turn to eateries as a form of socialization to hang out with friends, which can become pricey and unhealthy. All meal options are under $10. Core offers free Wi- Fi, which makes a great place for homework, study groups or a hang out spot with friends.

New Hartford marks Core’s fifth location.