UC freshmen deal with cramped spaces

Tionna De Freitas, Features Editor

Utica College welcomed its largest freshmen class this fall semester. With 680 freshman and 200 transfer students most are wondering whether or not there is enough space to safely and comfortably house everyone.

“This is a new era for Utica College. For the first time in history, we had to stop accepting applications,” said Jeffery Gates, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management.

When it comes to the college switch, there’s a lot to adjust to, such as a new schedule, new faces, and new freedoms. But the many things that freshmen have to get used to is the unfamiliarity of dorm life. Not including the communal bathrooms, noisy hall-mates, and the limited number of washing machines, but nothing is more challenging than a room with someone else, or in some cases two someone’s.

While the majority of Utica College Freshmen find themselves in the North and South hall residence areas, with the traditional two-person bed room, a significant portion were placed in triples. With that being said, it doesn’t get any worse than finding out you have been placed with two roommates your first semester of college and better yet, two girls.

“Just accept it, don’t pout or be upset about it and try to fight it. Figure out what works develop rules and boundaries and it should work,” said freshman, Alexandra Kugler.

Being the most exciting time in your life is at college, and just when you think you’ll have a fresh start, you then discover two other people living in your closet-sized space, and you wonder how you’re going to survive four months of it.

“I was honestly so nervous about getting placed in a triple because it wasn’t what I wanted and I couldn’t believe it was happening and there was really nothing I could really do. But after move-in and figuring everything out, it’s truthfully not that bad. We each have our own space and as long as we each keep organized, we have space for just about anything,” said freshman, Danielle Cotten.

In order to survive and balance a healthy friendship with your two roommates, you need to keep an open mind. Even though having enough room for all of your belongings is the main concern, living in a crammed dorm room with two other people does have more pros than cons.

“It’s overwhelming, but really fun, I feel like we each have a friend group so we make more friends that way. And we were really lucky because I feel like we got a bigger room than most and since we’re on the third floor, we can stack our furniture on top of one another.” said Kugler.

“Overall, it’s great we all have different schedules and are involved in different things so we’re not always here at the same time, but no matter what, we always have someone to talk to.” said Cotten.