Fright the Fashion Show Preview

Omar Renta

Staff Writer

Students looking to earn some quick cash to splurge on Halloween weekend can do so at the annual Fright the Fashion Show hosted by the Black Student Union this Friday in Strebel Lounge.

Students can aunt their Halloween fashion at the Fright the Fashion Show. This highly anticipated event has served as an opportunity for the Utica College community to come together for a pre- Halloween celebration. From esh-eating zombies to sexy skeletons, the Fright the Fashion show allows students to showcase their creativity and earn a little cash for the weekend.

So much can be expected from the show. Students can strut down the runway and onto the stage to their song of choice and maybe even bust a move to leave a lasting impression on the judges.

Humorous and ghastly costumes are sure to be memorable in the eyes of the judges.

Senior Audrey Dalton walked the runway as a chef her freshman year.

“I started dancing by chef ng it up once I got on stage,”Dalton said. It was funny and tting.”

Senior Terrance

Washington stole the show last Halloween when he dressed as a male version of the “crying nun” from season two of American Horror Story on FX. Washington had blood pouring from his eyes as he haunted the runway. He went on to win the show, taking home a cash prize.

Creativity is a key component in winning over the judges. It is easy to order a generic costume from Party City, but the judges are looking for something that is going to wow the crowd and set the standard for future Fright the Fashion shows.

Washington won last year’s show by adding his own are to a well-known character. Special effects makeup is a trend that has become prominent in the recent years, adding horror movie quality make-up can add the extra touch.

The Black Student Union has worked tirelessly toward achieving diversity on campus for years while offering black students a sense of unity by celebrating black culture and raising awareness of the issues minorities face. The group also hosts forums and group discussions, tackling many controversial topics ranging from diversity on campus to the media’s portrayal of black people.

The Fright the Fashion show is a fun way to take the edge off and bring the  Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.20.47 PM.pngcampus together by providing a friendly environment while rewarding participants for their bravery and creativity.

As far as what can be expected at the show, Senior EricaAntoineiscon dentthat spectators and participants are in for a great experience.

“Students can expect to see the creative side of their peers and endless laughs,” Antoine said. “People should come out and support the people who are brave enough to walk in the show!”

Antoine is a veteran of the Fright the Fashion Show. Although she will not be walking this year, she will be rocking a skeleton costume with an edgy twist. A cash prize will be rewarded to the student with the best costume.

Students who want to be part of the Fright the Fashion Show experience, but aren’t comfortable with being in the spotlight can get involved by participating in the 50/50 raf e. Students can buy up to 20 tickets for $10. The person with the winning ticket will take home half of the prize money. Antoine has advice for students who are nervous about walking in the show.

“Don’t take it too seriously,” Antoine advised. “Feel the music and have fun!”

Students can sign up for the raf e and the Fright the Fashion Show right outside of the dining hall in Strebel Student Center.